Bone Dusters Brew Day


Finally the day arrived for the brewing of our Bone Dusters beer. A true collaborative effort between Lost Rhino Brewing Company and Paleo Quest, the non-profit organization Jason founded together with  Aaron Alford.  Jasper Akerboom, Brewing Scientist at Lost Rhino Brewing Company and Jason Osborne, Director of field research of Paleo Quest came up with the crazy (but cool!) idea to swab some of the fossils Jason had found on his diving trips on display at the Calvert Marine Museum in Maryland. Not to find an ancient yeast, but to tie both brewing and paleontology together, and give some of the proceeds of the beer to Paleo Quest to be used for science education.

We swabbed about 20 samples, and found two strains of yeasts after enumerations.  We did some controls and one of the yeasts was definitely a strain we did not pick up in the brewery but in the Calvert Marine Museum. The strain has a very earthy taste, and does not like to ferment below 82 °F (~27 °C). The taste is very much like a Saison, and the strain does not like high gravity worts.

The beer we designed around this brew is of medium strength and contains some specialty malts to balance the strong yeast flavors. Interestingly, the fermentation stalled at about 15-20% attenuation, paused for a day, and took back off and its reaching normal attenuation levels right now. Almost if the strain had to switch from glucose to maltose and maltotriose.

bone_duster_pic1 bone_duster_pic3 bone_duster_pic5 bone_dusters_pic4 bone_dusters_pic6


Now we just have to wait a few weeks!!



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2 responses to “Bone Dusters Brew Day

  1. Greg

    Very cool guys! Can’t wait to try.

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